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(Last updated 10-24-15)

All photos taken and edited by Barry Schultz and represent Sandpiper Concepts projects.


Our latest project: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, NSB

For this project we were hired to renovate the existing landscaping around just the church building and the church office. Also included is the Resurrection Garden and the circular drive beds.

We removed all the old material, redefined the bed lines, graded the beds, re-configured the irrigation, and then added the new plant material. All beds are mulch with Pine Bark after planting.


Before and after photos of the back of the church facing west and visible from US 1 (across the street from the Circle K store). 





Before and after photos of the bed adjacent to the church entrance.



Before and after photos of the Resurrection Garden:


Before and after photos of the Church Office. We replaced the Crape Myrtles with triple trunk Manila Palms. We also ran irrigation into the 3 window boxes which involved punching a hole through the 4" concrete bottoms and jetting a section of funny pipe into the boxes from the main beds. All beds are now irrigated with drip irrigation. Also included are Indian Hawthorn, Podocarpus, and Sunpatiens in the window boxes.



Here are some misc. photos showing different phases of the project:


(more photos to follow of the St. Paul's...please stay tuned)




Other project-related photos



Plant and flower gallery



Misc. photos:



Couple photos my Mom took of me! :


My personal gardens:


Various Crotons:


(Thumbnail - please click on photo to enlarge)

White Frangipani taken at my house in the Tiki Garden:

IMG_5715.JPG (1837087 bytes)




Before and After:


The pool:


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