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LANDSCAPE - design and installation

IRRIGATION - design and installation

LOW-VOLTAGE LIGHTING - design and installation


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Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
~Luther Burbank


Whether new or existing properties.....we can help you achieve beautiful yet low maintenance landscaping.

I'm posting a few examples of our work below but please feel free to browse our PHOTOS page for more examples of our projects.





We can provide design drawings and sketches - together with installations or alone...



We provide both residential and commercial applications.




Pool landscaping

We have done quite a few pool landscapes. Especially since this is Florida, not unexpected that these type of projects would be in demand. I really love to do pools!






We work with existing municipal landscape and irrigation codes to ensure our work conforms to local ordinances.

We assume your landscape will be viewed and enjoyed for many years to come and therefore should be designed with the future in mind.

Additionally  we provide a follow-up fertilizer and pest control schedule of recommended products which will help you provide for your plants' nutritional and pest control needs.

And....long after the completion of our work we continue to stop by your property from time to time to check on the progress of the project because we care about it's long-term success.




We are Volusia County licensed irrigation contractors certified to legally install irrigation systems. We are required to take continuing education courses to maintain our credentials.

We have been successfully installing irrigation systems in the New Smyrna Beach area since the mid 1980's.

We can accommodate new and existing properties.

Here are a few photos representing our irrigation endeavours:

Drip Irrigation is a very popular application - and one we have been using for years in certain circumstances where it is the most ideal choice for irrigating a given application. There are a few different companies making this type of drip tubing - we use either Rainbird or Netafim brand - both products are about the same....brown colored tubing which is flexible and contains weep holes every 12". These holes are actually modules which are molded into the inside of the tubing and serve as little valves which both regulate how much water is emitted and also flushes out any contaminants each time the water is turned on.


The photo below was taken from a project we did where the planter was very narrow and long - the perfect application for drip tubing. I took the photo after the system had run for a few minutes - and you can see how well the ground is irrigated by the wet spots directly under and on either side of the tubing.



A close up of the tubing:


The tubing is actually installed AFTER the plants are installed:


This is the trencher I use on most of my installations. It is an EZ Trench brand and you pull it backwards as the big wheel with teeth cut a trench into the ground. Sometimes these trenchers are also referred to as "ground saws".  I have 2 others that are different in size. 



An older photo of irrigation components and materials in the back of my truck while on a project. Everything organized and sorted into containers so the work is done in an efficient manner.



Stacks of concrete donuts. Two sizes - smaller ones on the left for standard heads and larger ones n the right for the larger rotary style heads.  I like using donuts in lawn areas to help maintain a buffer between the turf and head as well as provide some protection from mowing equipment and motor vehicles.



This is a bucket of flex joints - pre-assembled (by me) sections of flexible pipe with fittings on either end which are used to connect the PVC pipe to the sprinkler heads. Using flex joints allows the heads to be set at a given depth and orientation separate from the depth and positioning of PVC lines. I have been installing systems for years using flex joints and it's the only way to go. I prefer to use funny pipe with barbed fittings rather than flex pipe and glued fittings. The difference is the barbed fittings will not loosen over time but glued fittings will due to the breakdown over time of the glue and it's bond.



This is a photo of a Hunter brand irrigation timer. It is a digital timer (vs. a mechanical timer). I prefer to use Hunter timers but will also use Rainbird brand depending on the application. Both work well. K-Rain has a new line of digital timer now that I will be looking into but for now this is my favourite. Note in this photo - the display shows and umbrella - that is the symbol denoting the rain sensor has detected there is sufficient moisture from a recent rain to temporarily disrupt the system from running.  Rain sensors are really great - I install them for all my projects. They are also required by Volusia County.

(more irrigation photos and information to follow)






 - design and installation

We are now installing LED lighting. I will be posting some detailed photos and information on this product soon so stay tuned....




We prefer colorful tropical low-maintenance plantings that covey a sense of drama and style. Our goal is to compliment your property.



We take into account preferences you may have for particular colors or plant materials.




Please contact us with questions you may have about our services. 

And check out our photos page to see more examples of our work.


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